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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Depressing reads

are all over the place..first i read them everyday in the papers on the way to work. Stuff in Malaysia, the fiasco in Thailand, the whole economy being crazy 2 days, fare hikes etc. Depressing reads are all over! and i have them as "breakfast" every morning..to top it off i received what i deemed as another depressing read today in a form of a book. haven't finished it obviously..read bout 10+ pages..depressing..i would guess the ending may be slightly more uplifting however i really can't see myself trudging through the rest of the book till its end. Planned to let it be my morning read but guess i will give it a miss and read it only when in the right environment.

good news anyone?


pepper cookie said...
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pepper cookie said...

i dun read papers or follow e news very much cos usually they are either depressing stuff that i hope not to be bothered abt or stuffs that dun impact mi directly so i cant be bothered abt. i'm stuck smwhere at chapter two of e book cos cant stop crying then. good news to share - i'll likely get sm proper rest soon (got a cold)

Kcology said...

erm..get proper rest is indeed good but not in the expense of a cold...hope it's a very small one..or at least one that you recover immediately after getting that 2 days mc u deserve :)

i just realised i was stuck at chapter 2 too..

the thing about news is that most of it don't impact me directly but it just reminds me how depressing stuff can get all around the world. on one hand it makes me feel blessed, on the other it just reminds me of how ridiculous and shitty things can be.


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