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Thursday, January 01, 2009

quick thoughts on 2008

a year of consolidation.

way of saying nothing much happened.

long time relationship ended, relationships reinforced, relationships faded, new relationships made.

product at work made the most significant progress, nothing drastic like last year in terms of changes in work environment even with the new office. strange tension at office sometimes these days, something i have never experienced previously.

euro 08 was better than the one at 04. better than the world cup at 06.

family..difficult beginning to the year, glad things turned out moderately ok. bro out of army, which is great, proud that he survived it, in fact i think he did pretty well in his posting. dad seems to be working harder than ever..work seems tough on him, definitely working harder than i am.

fail to go for any holiday this year..which kinda sucks.

did more shopping this year than i ever did, ever...shopping for myself.

met pple who are good fun to be with, grow to know more bout pple who has been amazing to me and given me much support over the year.

babies for lao da & jc friend.

E's marriage which is like unexpected twist..heh

quite a few more stuff i think..haha but too lazy to list le..

heh ok maybe quite a few things happened..but still..personally a year of consolidation...

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