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Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Wedding Game

definitely NOT a movie that i will usually watch. especially in the cinema!

It's actually the first local film ever watch in the cinema..yes..all the jack neo ones i only caught them on either vcd or cable or in most cases just never watch at all.

given another situation i might not even consider catching this movie, firstly, was never impressed by fann wong. 2ndly, never really liked christopher lee. chose it because assumed it's a comedy and it seems to appeal to her more than the jack neo one. (personally hoping to catch The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, probably do it by myself some other time.)

surprisingly i did enjoy the movie. :) so that's good. it's not great but i went with 0 expectations and got much more. there were quite a few funny moments even if predictable. hope the movie sort of cheer her up a little.

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