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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dinner dates!

2 consecutive dinner dates.

Sketches is good! exceed expectations. Designing own pasta is relatively easy and fun. look fwd to having another meal there definitely.

Lao bei jing is DISAPPOINTING today. hais..to think i looked forward to it before going. will give 1 more chance before condemn.

company were great on both nights. Dining with E has always been great, it's always a nice, warm relaxed feeling when dining with her. Listening to her talking bout the kicking is simply AMAZING! worth a WOW.

It's the first time having a meal alone with Miss H2O, chose a horribly unsuitable place for dinner with her since she don't really eat pork. Initially thought it might be awkward since we never really talked much when we were colleagues. Was decent though, and its been a while since i waited for a girl outside the changing room at a boutique. Looking fwd to tasting the MGS drink tomorrow morning. Might be a potential challenge. :)

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