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Monday, March 16, 2009

Saturday..? no....monday...sigh..

woke up today thinking it is Saturday..reality sucks at times..if not most.

rained as I alighted my bus.

being in the office feels slightly strange after the weekend working outside.

some questions in mind. gotta remember to ask when there's the opportunity. hope i remember the qns.

surprisingly i feel less tired at the end of today. was feeling so drained earlier the day. week is going to be moderately challenging. shall see how it turns out.

outing is fixed on Good Friday. hmm... don't really know what to think of it.

tiredness in morning partly due to the crazy dream i have. dream bout living in foreign land, there's the tram, there's the performance i've missed, there's a funeral i think..not too sure whose by now. pple that i know know each other..different parts of my life meshed up in one quirky episode. was interesting in a way. as much as i do dread the way the dreams tire me out..i do enjoy them from time to time.

chips craving..know it's late..but..shall have them anyway.. :p


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chilli salsa and lime..thumbs up! :)


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