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Friday, March 06, 2009

Since back..

- an acrylic paper wt. understand the purpose. lack the appreciation.
- 3 to 7. More than double. Still demoralized. Hope the 1000 invites work.
- Mid week off. good lunch better company. wawa t-shirt on the st. good motivation. opened the live account. applied for another account too. "he's just not that into you". party dinner. nice curry. adequately entertained. the talk. the wait. the walk. the talk. all good.
- the failure to login. the hunch. came true. leaves a bad taste. fail to run. went to booth. got ink all over hands. good news. ran & ran & bye bye maju. elation. noodles, rice, glass noodles, egg.
- first blog post from Kap.

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