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Sunday, April 19, 2009

拉面 1+1

场合: 一个人的晚餐

1. Marutama Ramen
Rating: 7
Item: Ramen with chicken soup base + extra char siew + ajitsu tamago
Cost: $20
Comments: Don't really like the kind of noodles they served. The chicken soup base is decent, char siew is nice! almost melts in your mouth kind. the ajitsu tamago that i added is great, break it open and let the soup warm the yolk up a bit, yum!

2. Ramen Santouka
Rating: 8 - 8.5
Item: Char siew ramen, shio soup base.
Cost: $20
Comments:the tiny plum they added at the top of the noodles looks cute, taste refreshing at the end. The kind of noodles i like! The soup has a nice flavour..can taste the salt, i mean i did choose shio (salt), the char siew has more flavour but not as MITM. Bamboo shoots are always nice to have with ramen. Will definitely go back again!

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