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Thursday, August 06, 2009


august hasn't been as good as i imagined.

motivation at work is low. very. efficiency is low. quite.

camera dead. sad. repairs? haiz..troublesome.

bought electric toothbrush. less effort when brushing. that's a up.

stupid vickers limit buy at $75?! crazy.

saw 10+ on call cabs on way to mrt station.
passed by 10+ buses jammed inside interchange on the way as well.
manage to board train only on 4th attempt. suck.

ran 1.1km more today. satisfied. weather is hot. air con at office is back.

oct kk trip is confirmed. 14-18. quite excited. but must train! walking up 9 floors already very shag. need to buy hiking shoes(army boots probably) and bag. excuse for shopping?

did not have the free light dinner last night. which is find. CFD. hmm see how bah.

it's hard to imagine national day is only a couple of days later. seem so insignificant to me. gotten so cynical huh? that's a step back.

it's nice to be in the company of pple i like.

long weekend. hooray?

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