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Sunday, August 23, 2009


weekend of fairs. Invest Fair, Job Fair.

went for "ba zi" reading during job fair.. lol 10 bucks lor..a bit waste $ cause what said is quite fei..haha..10 because it's not the "complete" reading lor..complete is $68!! xiao.
supposedly will have a relatively good life till 68..sounds like after that jia lat. Will be in position of authority but no $. 35yo may meet into career, relationship problem. have parents who show great support. have friends who will help me along the way. current career is not the most suitable for me but recommend to change only at the beginning of next year. lol.

attended a few seminars during the invest fair. reaffirm certain beliefs. this is serious business! this is serious business! need to work hard on this. i like how one of the speaker talked bout how investing is not about $. $ is just paper, it's the values behind these paper that is impt. so what are my values? financial freedom? status? security?

caught G.I. Joe today. ok bah.

beginning to like t.c.c. more and more..and nope..it's not because of the 15% discount card i have..ok maybe partially it is..heh

buffet at suntec, sat dinner at pearl river is pretty good. ala carte buffet.

looking fwd to saturday already! snap snap! (need to remember charge batt)

fb status ~ can be depressing. haiz. when bad news strike it is so..haiz..

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