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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

best friend during sabah trip


after taking much care not to "disturb" the wound while running 10k today..end up knock against a chair during dinner..bloody~~~ + ouch oucH ouCH oUCH OUCH!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sabah Trip 2009

More on why i do not call it the KK trip later..

Day 1
Landed! KK T2 looks pretty much like our BT. empty empty one.

Checked in Tunes Hotel (by Air Asia) at 1 Borneo Hypermall (it's like Vivo, more about this later)... the room is...small & stuffy.. need to pay extra for air-con (12/24hr rates)..need to pay for TV.

Jesselton Point Jetty for boat to Mamutik for snorkeling. boat ride there was very bumpy. Had my first snorkeling experience! Heavy rain there as well in the middle of it..so much warmer in the water. advice 1: wear contact lenses or go lasik if u wear specs (all the fishes and corals that i saw out focus one. advice 2: wear some kind of footwear if u can't swim like me or u suck at swimming..ouch and cuts when i step on corals. Saw lots of fishes! Corals are huge. advice 3: read up on the kind of fishes you can find there before going..more fun if you can actually identify them..otherwise to me they are just stripped fish, rainbow colored fish, nemo fish, long snake like fish and so on.

Dinner at Gayang. Took a cab there RM125 for 5 person, the cab driver waited for us. The seafood place is some kelong-type thingy. Got those seafood in tanks for you to choose. tried my first "gong gong" and mantis prawn. both are great. the rest of the food like the fish, chilli crab, black pepper crab are not too impressive. The best dish however is the kang kong and the lemonade is superb.

Went WaterFront in city for drinks & satay. It's like a boat quay kinda place except that the water front is to the sea instead of the river. Drinks at the Loft.

Day 2
3 hr van ride to a train station. then train 1 hr to Rafting site. we had a cheapo rafting deal, so no pictures or videos were taken for us unlike the other deals, we even had to carry our own raft. rafting is cool, went through a few big rapids and a few small ones. Paddling is tiring even when i did not put in too much effort. During one of the big rapids, got knocked off balance and fell into the river. panic!!! with the aid of life jacket and reminder to keep calm, i just lay back and let the rapids bring me to calmer waters before getting back on the raft, had a few drinks while in the river. had the paddle with me all along..tempted to just dump it..heh. tried a bit of body rafting in the calm waters but did not do so in the small rapids..scare liao. maybe learn how to swim first then try in future. overall this is fun..the journey to the place is too long though.

Herbal Bak ku teh for dinner. Bak ku teh got minimal bak ku, some san chen rou, some pig intestine, some pig tail (this is good). Too sweet for my liking, prefer the peppery ones here. The drunken prawn is too sweet too.

Day 3/Day 4
This is the climb! 6km to mountain hut, 2.7km to summit. did not make attempt to summit. unseasoned boots were unkind to me..had bad blisters and hurt my ankles on both legs while ascending. Had altitude illness which lead to severe headache, not as bad as the migraine i had but bad enough. Heavy downpour so decided to give the push to summit a miss, guide say it is quite dangerous, would have pushed on without the rain. the rest of the group made it up. grats to them! That's why it's sabah trip not KK trip. Quite disappointed and sort of made a wasted trip. gotta be more prepared in future. advice 1: proper, seasoned footwear advice 2: don't need to bring water, just bring bottle, water points along the way. advice 3: insect repellent is really not that neccessary, don't think there are mosquitoes. advice 4: need to train climbing...totally different muscle group from running. The climb down was "easier", but the bad ankle and blister made it very difficult, legs are jelly at the end of the descend. advice 5: buy the walking stick, it's worth it!

After the 2nd day, back to hotel. Saw some hong kong stars promoting their new serial at the hypermall. it's a uber cool event! even have dinner with their fans, there are like 30 tables. saw luo jia liang, ma something something, lu liang wei and blah blah. cool sia. The hypermall is something u see in singapore, charles and keith, adidas, nike, fish & co..blah blah. Mc did not serve breakfast..which sucks. Fish and co is cheaper there. There's a Giant. It's really quite vivoish.

Day 5

would like to do snorkeling & rafting again. May be trying out lower and less challenging climbs first. Should make bukit timah hill a weekly habit first. Get a pair of good hiking shoes. quality socks. more preparation. More motivation to learn swimming. hope to challenge the summit some day.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

is excited

about the new toy that may be waiting for me when i'm back..heh heh..

Trip tomorrow

flying morning. early.

should be fun. i hope.

look fwd to the hike hopefully i won't bitch too much along the way.

not the kind of laid back vacation i need..but it will be fresh.


pack pack pack. not sure if i gotten everything in but not in the mood to check.

anyway bag is packed! should be fine. whatever i don't have i can probably get it there.










Monday, October 12, 2009

toys i want to get for myself

1. semi chim digi cam

2. ebook reader (quite gian this, want one that can allow me to d/l books w/o connecting to comp)

3. 小白's replacement but only after Mar'10

4. mp3 player (not too sure bout this..best if can win from some lucky draw)

Sunday, October 11, 2009






Tuesday, October 06, 2009


woke at 7. pain.

woke again at 1. gone. which is great.

heard a voice that shouted my name. got a fright. must have heard it wrongly. attribute to voices in stadium of football match i was catching on tv. 2 quick thoughts are that there's a "casper" or i'm going mental.

sharp pain. can't even open my eyes. panadoled..don't seem to help. squeezing and pounding inside the head. horrible. nauseous. mum applied some weird thing on my head. don't seem to help. spinning.

woke at 1. dinner. bro heated it up for me. grateful. got a miss call. too late to call back. hope it's not anything serious at work.

3 long days looking fwd. great.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Hossan Leong Show

fair entertainment for the afternoon.

lots of sponsors for the show apparently. cool how they work the show around it. with that much sponsors i actually expect the tickets to be cheaper :p

there's a "goodie" bag..horrible looking plastic bag..newurbanmale vouchers, some digestive packet thingy, toothpaste and a plastic "clapper". aunty sitting beside us looks irritated by the clapping we did using the "clapper".

was definitely entertained. good laughs. one i really like.. "associate getting $ with Ka-chink! losing $ with Ho-ching!" (aga aga like that)

Friday, October 02, 2009

postcards hunting

didn't know they are that HARD to get. thought i can find them in any convenience store. how wrong am i...

anyway got them today. 4 of them. SUPER "tourisy" ones. found jap (made in japan) postcards that cost 20 cents each at a stationery shop. the sg ones that i bought costs 50 cents. 150% more. faints.

what do i need the postcards for?

here you go...http://www.postcrossing.com/

just thought it's interesting. :) shall see how it goes. now must make effort go "scan" my post cards in so that i can upload. need to get the right postage too. aiyo. quite ma fan.

Thursday, October 01, 2009





I am a Viwawa player!