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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


woke at 7. pain.

woke again at 1. gone. which is great.

heard a voice that shouted my name. got a fright. must have heard it wrongly. attribute to voices in stadium of football match i was catching on tv. 2 quick thoughts are that there's a "casper" or i'm going mental.

sharp pain. can't even open my eyes. panadoled..don't seem to help. squeezing and pounding inside the head. horrible. nauseous. mum applied some weird thing on my head. don't seem to help. spinning.

woke at 1. dinner. bro heated it up for me. grateful. got a miss call. too late to call back. hope it's not anything serious at work.

3 long days looking fwd. great.


M&E said...

wow.. wat happened? u ok anot? take care yah...

pepper cookie said...

wat did hossan leong do to you...? do u mean 3 days mc?

Kcology said...

tuesday was to be a long day.

wednesday is a long day at work.

thursday will be a long day at work.


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