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Friday, December 11, 2009


touched down at Narita!
off to Disney Land. pretty much the same as 3 yrs ago. much more crowded today. there's a resort in front of the main gate that wasn't there back then. very so-so shabu shabu dinner.

X'mas Mood in Disney Land



trip to ameyoko. was there way too early. most if not all shops are not opened yet. dried food, fresh seafood & stuff. basically a market street. managed to try the huge tako. abit too salty for me otherwise not bad, lots of ingredients. went to sario puroland a.k.a hello kitty land. tour guide only let us spent 1/2 hr there. 3000 Yen for entry ticket..what a waste. moreover it was too early, missed all the show openings. b4 that manage to get some good ramen from a shop nearby. yum soup & QQ noodles. yum*3. after that is a long journey to a place with lots of outlet shops. on the way got some great views of fujiyama. nice! it's really the highlight of the day. did not get anything from any of the outlet stores. in fact did not do much shopping at all the whole trip. night spent at hot spring in hotel at kawaguchi. went to the indoor & outdoor one. not as hot as i imagined. hotel room has a great view of fuji yama. sweet.

giant tako pochi

fujiyma from bus

fujiyama frm outlet

morning. cold~~~~. went to a place called 忍野八海。 there's this pond there where the water is said to come from fujiyama. great view of the mt there. it's a very clear and deep pond. freaking cold. bus ride up to the 1st station of mt fuji. can't go any further since the road is closed. too slippery. end up going to this super touristy crystal/gem kind of place. so so lunch. ok expensive sashimi. trip to "white silk waterfall". great view of mt fuji again. mt fuji is really the high light of this tour. magnificent! went to this waterfull 19 years ago. looks about the same..lol. not impressive...
fuji frm hotel entrance

fuji & her pond

the waterfall

camera battery was charged..but i left it with the charger which was packed into the luggage..so no pics today. went to a nara deer park. the deer are aggressive after you buy those deer snacks for them. flock towards u. super old temple at nara is actually quite nice. more temple at kyoto. photo taking with maiko (noob version of geisha). she is apparently paid 30,000Yen for half hr of photo taking..zzzz..that or the tour guide lied. dad commented she looks like a he. ended up at osaka at night. had good sashimi and beef at a place we found. decent grilled king crab claw. shopping @ osaka seems fun.

morning @ osaka castle. afternoon to kobe. kobe beef! yums. went to daimaru for some sashimi, had the best food of the trip from there. ootoro, chutoro yums. best sashimi i ever have. it's really melt in your mouth goodness. tuna belly has never been that good. and it's really cheap compared to what you have to pay in sg. we actually tabao-ed it and had the sashimi by the harbour attracting all the pigeons and sparrows around that area. some shopping.


kobe beef!

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