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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

am just not getting it!

it's not the decision..it's how they are seeing it. i just don't get it at all and it is very frustrating. where's the focus? what's the focus? definitely not what i always had in mind.

it is definitely something that "benefits" me..but it just does not feel right at all and i'm sticking to that.

condescending potato..idiot.

and seriously..enough drama already..

it's not 2 hrs wasted..just 2 hrs i wished i have spent on something else and there were plenty of something elses.

something elses:
1. Have dinner
2. get the screen protector for my hp
3. meet up with uni pals
4. watch tv/dvds/vcds
5. stare at my charts
6. read my books
and the bloody list goes on...

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