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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

barrage of posts

reason: i have procrastinated like mad for weeks.

what's new?

i thought about someone that day..

i started liking yellow

i started accepting pink

i grew to become neutral with durians & sweet jap beancurd skin

i started tolerating Qs

i taught myself to live with long waits

i learned how selfish i really am

there's still a long list to go..but i think i've changed fundamentally.



from lack of motivation @ work.

since the start of the year in fact.

i can't seem to get myself warmed up to it.

i do feel guilty bout it. sucks.

it was never this difficult.

running with passion

well..not THAT passionate bout running but ran the PASSION RUN anyway. needed more motivation since running alone. ecp is really freaking far and ulu from the west.

rewarded myself with Manuka Honey + Chocholate Ecstasy ice cream..walked back till xiao just to have it. it really didn't seem that far when i ran past it on the way to finishing point.

reminder not to have mega mcspicy b4 run. it is just TOO deadly. even my poo felt spicy that night. euugh.

journey to the east + hved

woke up sooo early to make a long long 1h45min public transport journey to the east of our dear island.

was it worth it? not really. did not learn anything. would definitely not attend if i knew what we going to do. it isn't really bad. just not really a productive use of my sunday (not like i will do anything more productive la..but nua at home sounds fine to me).

ice cream craving! mykii-ed 3rd time for dinner. won't really rate the duck highly. would wanna try the lamb next time. dessert is satisfying..though not as an "ice cream" item. the company is definitely the one i'm most comfy with...it's just simple & easy.


from sweet talk is a pleasant surprise!

soothing cool drink for a hot hot afternoon.

great choice by me. i have great taste.

陈绮贞 - 太阳巡回演唱会 DVD

Got this the weekend before last. ordered from local fan club and picked it up from IMM..ok..guilty of giving PinkDot a miss to collect this (but i did wear pink that day lor). priority u know!!




Monday, May 10, 2010






Saturday, May 08, 2010

labour day oil

well entertained by the movie. abit too bloody though.
yes..i bought the graphic novel after that..heh not as fairy-tale an ending as the movie. hit-girl rocks!

coughing the whole day.

high tea buffet @ lao bei jing. shui jiao sucks, guo tie sucks, xiao long bao ok, noodles too wet. but ok la..10.25 buffet.

basement of orchard central is so ke lian..nice mediterranean theme..nice interior..but 0 shops.

can't find the portable dvd player i'm looking for in best@taka. will try other places.

should be a good weekend..even with the cough cough cough cough.


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