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Monday, May 19, 2014


1. old ah ma giving "ang mo" kopi a shot. Love her sense of "adventure". seems like she tried espresso previously but did not like it, definitely did not deter her from giving cappuccino a try. Nice!

2. the brave lady that booked a villa for herself and drove to the ulu wedding location. isn't it creepy to have an entire villa to one person?! it is definitely not for me. only after talking to her did i know she did it out of consideration for the host..how sweet is that!

3. the villa, the wedding villa, wow, what a sight. the pool, the beach under the cliff, the sea, the waves, the flowers, the garden, the koi pond, the bell to ring for the butler. wow.

6/20, 阅读计划 2014 - Kitchen Confidential ~ Anthony Bourdain

am a fan of the "celebrity chef" circle. favorite being Michel Roux Jr, just love his calmness and poise (not sure if he will like being tagged the celebrity status)

A book about Anthony's days as a chef before the celebrity status. The nasties, the characters, the quirks. It is an adventure, chefs in the book are almost like swashbuckling pirates. So different from the glamour and sparkle of the kitchens we see on TV networks. It's good not to remind yourself what's going on in the kitchen when visiting a restaurant. What shines though all the gritty stuff is the dedication to the craft.

Fun read.

5/20, 阅读计划 2014 - The Last Lecture ~ Randy Pausch

The short chapters makes it easy. The tone of the book makes it easy. The subject is grim, especially how it resonates with my own experience.

A dying college prof, giving his last lecture, a legacy of sorts. "Really achieving your Childhood Dreams" was the title of the lecture.

Pancreatic cancer. Computer Science. Lecturer. There's so much comparisons to draw. I thought it won't be easy to go through the book, but the mood in it was real yet upbeat. That helps.

Have not watch the video of the lecture yet, will do it sometime.

4/20, 阅读计划 2014 - How Starbucks Saved My Lilfe ~ Michael Gates Gill

Feel good book.

Successful creative director in a advertising firm, in his 50s, big house, six figure salary, Ivy league education, seems to have it all. Went on to lose his job, the marriage and was even diagnosed with a brain tumor. Found a job in Starbucks, not a managerial role, worked for a minority for the first time in his life, with colleagues that he was never exposed to before.

Reminds me about my own privileged position.
To appreciate what we have and what's there, to respect.

Very easy read, Starbucks is so close to being Disneyland in the book. Makes me want to go buy a cup of Latte from a franchise that's just everywhere (yes there's 3 of them in close proximity to where I live).


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