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Monday, May 19, 2014

4/20, 阅读计划 2014 - How Starbucks Saved My Lilfe ~ Michael Gates Gill

Feel good book.

Successful creative director in a advertising firm, in his 50s, big house, six figure salary, Ivy league education, seems to have it all. Went on to lose his job, the marriage and was even diagnosed with a brain tumor. Found a job in Starbucks, not a managerial role, worked for a minority for the first time in his life, with colleagues that he was never exposed to before.

Reminds me about my own privileged position.
To appreciate what we have and what's there, to respect.

Very easy read, Starbucks is so close to being Disneyland in the book. Makes me want to go buy a cup of Latte from a franchise that's just everywhere (yes there's 3 of them in close proximity to where I live).

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