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Sunday, July 06, 2014

我们唱着的歌 @ 书城




看到各位uncle, aunties 带着孩子,跟着朋友,自然的随着音乐唱着。





但我们却有那么的相同, 都被那首歌感动。


Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Birthdays w the family

there were the parties when we were kids with the huge smurf cakes and all that, as we grown older it became more of a intimate family affair, which i like. it's usually late night, bring out the cake, all dressed or not fully dressed in our home clothes for the candles, the cutting, for a slice or mouthful depending on how heavy dinner was. dad has always made it a point to have a cake for each of our birthdays and that's something i hold on to and hope to keep going.

few days before mum's birthday, even in his frail state, he reminded me to get a cake for her and even wanted to give me some money for it. got the safe choice, mango. that's the last birthday he celebrated with us. he left 3 days after that. i always wanted to believe he waited to at least do that.

it's difficult thinking about this. so the mention of not celebrating a birthday of a father hits me. i felt guilty but most of it i was overwhelmed with the regret that there isn't any more birthdays I can celebrate with him. The candles, the birthday song, the cutting, the rough photo taking in our most unglam home attire.

it's probably a very lousy way to look at it but every birthday is one less you can celebrate with the person you love.

11/20, 阅读计划 2014 - Before I die ~ Jenny Downham

“I wish I had a boyfriend. I wish he lived in the wardrobe on a coat hanger. Whenever I wanted, I could get him out and he'd look at me the way boys do in films, as if I'm beautiful.” 

Tessa has cancer. Tessa is dying. Tessa has a list, one that evolves and change. The relationships with the father, the mother that left for another person, the brother, the best friend and the boy.

It's not exactly heartbreaking, it's sad, definitely yet there's this ambivalence. The accounts of Tessa's last days were fleeting, you feel you're drifting in and out with her.

Knowing how unpredictable life is yet I'm not incline to think about what I want to do before it happen. I think I have a rough idea, the people I want to see the most, the words I want to say to them. I decided I want to be the last to go. 

10/20, 阅读计划 2014 - Drift : The Unmooring of American Miltary Power ~ Rachel Maddow

I spent quite a lot of time watching Rachel Maddow during the US presidential election. Like her delivery a lot, facts and opinions were clear. Razor sharp wit. It's only natural I included a book of hers in my booklist

The particular choice is random. Military topics is of little interest to me but I do question why the US seems to be at war all the time and have no idea how the citizens actually cope with this. From the Vietnam war to the war in Afghanistan, how the ballooning of executive power has led to wars wage one after the other whatever the reason. The privatization of parts of military (hmm sounds familiar). I always wondered why the military budget here is of such a huge percentage, yes I understand the factor of deterrence but there always seems to be so much waste. Is there more to it? Economic reasons perhaps? The need to sustain certain industry etc?

Helps that the delivery was accompanied with humor, it was incisive and witty. So after reading something from the left, I should perhaps balance it with a book from the right.


"When civilians are not asked to pay any price, it's easy to be at war - not just to intervene in a foreign land in the first place, but to keep on fighting there. The justifications for staying at war don't have to be particularly rational or cogently argued when so few Americans are making the sacrifice that it takes to stay." 

9/20, 阅读计划 2014 - Zealot, The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth ~ Reza Aslan

saw an interview of the author on youtube, thought this might be a interesting read. the narrative makes it easy to read even when the context and history is extremely foreign to me.

Time of turbulence, wars and rebellion. This is not about Jesus of of the Gospel but the one from history (or at least history as perceived by the author).

There are a lot of pretty vivid description and some explanations on the contradictions. The author tries his best to explain how he arrives at certain conclusions or at least the most probable scenario.

It's interesting how all the gospels are written decades after the death of the man and how the Christianity was permanently defined by a Roman.

"Two thousand years later, the Christ of Paul's creation has utterly subsumed the Jesus of history. The memory of the revolutionary zealot who walked across Galilee gathering an army of disciples with the goal of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth, the magnetic preacher who defied the authority of the Temple priesthood in Jerusalem, the radical Jewish nationalist who challenged the Roman occupation and lost, has been almost completely lost to history."


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