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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

10/20, 阅读计划 2014 - Drift : The Unmooring of American Miltary Power ~ Rachel Maddow

I spent quite a lot of time watching Rachel Maddow during the US presidential election. Like her delivery a lot, facts and opinions were clear. Razor sharp wit. It's only natural I included a book of hers in my booklist

The particular choice is random. Military topics is of little interest to me but I do question why the US seems to be at war all the time and have no idea how the citizens actually cope with this. From the Vietnam war to the war in Afghanistan, how the ballooning of executive power has led to wars wage one after the other whatever the reason. The privatization of parts of military (hmm sounds familiar). I always wondered why the military budget here is of such a huge percentage, yes I understand the factor of deterrence but there always seems to be so much waste. Is there more to it? Economic reasons perhaps? The need to sustain certain industry etc?

Helps that the delivery was accompanied with humor, it was incisive and witty. So after reading something from the left, I should perhaps balance it with a book from the right.


"When civilians are not asked to pay any price, it's easy to be at war - not just to intervene in a foreign land in the first place, but to keep on fighting there. The justifications for staying at war don't have to be particularly rational or cogently argued when so few Americans are making the sacrifice that it takes to stay." 

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